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Bath Remodel

Who doesn’t want a soothing place to start the day and a comfortable place to unwind at the end? Custom Bath Design has your bath remodel covered.

Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners opt to upgrade the kitchen as a showpiece in the home. The kitchen tends to be where people gather and is considered the heart of the home. When you are ready for a kitchen remodel, custom kitchen cabinetry allows you to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Custom Cabinetry vs. Customizable Prefabricated Cabinets.

When planning a kitchen, bath, home, or office remodel or new construction, you have the choice to use custom cabinetry or customizable prefabricated cabinets. At Mill Cabinet Shop, we find it useful to emphasize the distinction between products. Check out our handy table to compare products side by side.

Rocky Shull

Lee Stover remembers the beginning of Rocky Shull’s career with Mill Cabinet Shop well. “Back in 1983, I looked up from my bench to see a familiar face grinning at me as he followed my dad through the shop. If you had told me that day that Rocky would become the master of the trade […]

Sam Sponaugle

Sam Sponaugle started at Mill Cabinet Shop October 15, 1984. With 16 years of experience in construction, he joined the team as lead installer. During his years in installing, he also worked throughout the shop deepening his knowledge of the trade. Following shortly after the devastating fire and the restoration of the shop, Sam moved […]

Roger Furr

Roger, Head Finisher, joined Mill Cabinet Shop on October 31, 1977. Just as Harry Stover passed his talent and skill on to the following generations of the Stover family by teaching design and building, Roger benefitted by following family footsteps as well. Roger’s great-uncle R. B. Furr was the original finisher for the shop and […]

Mill Cabinet Shop History: Fire of 1998

In October of 1998, Mill Cabinet Shop suffered a devastating loss as fire ravaged the building. With determination and the support of the community, we rebuilt with amazing speed. Below is the text of 2 articles published about the fire in the local paper, The Daily News Record. ****************************************************************************************************************** Fire 15 Fire 16 By ALAYNA […]