Our Comprehensive Custom Cabinetry Service Includes Professional Delivery And Installation.

When your custom cabinetry is ready for installation, we coordinate delivery and installation. We work with any other contractors on your project to ensure the flooring, gas hookups (when used), plumbing, electrical, and any other structural or cosmetic work is at the right stage for the cabinetry installation. Mill Cabinet Shop takes care to ensure successful delivery and installation.

A Mill Cabinet Shop Craftsman Is At The Installation Site From Start To Finish.

Because we design and build custom cabinetry to suit, our warranty relies on our professional delivery and installation to ensure proper fit and function. A Mill Cabinet Shop craftsman is the lead carpenter in the installation, checking each move as the installation takes place. Our quality assurance practices deliver peace of mind to home owners that their cabinetry is being installed professionally and properly.

Counters Are Measured, Fabricated, And Installed After Cabinetry For An Ideal Fit.

To secure the best fit possible for countertops, we encourage you to work with fabricators who will wait until the cabinets are installed. Countertop fabricators come in to identify special features, careful measurements, and any anomalies that may affect the fabrication of the countertops. Typically, after the bath, kitchen, bar, or other cabinetry is installed, the most exact measurements can be recorded. Backsplashes or tilework are often the finishing touch on a kitchen installation.

You Walk Through With A Craftsman To Confirm Satisfactory Installation Of Your Custom Project.

Upon completion of the installation of your custom cabinetry, we do a final walk through with you to check details, finishes, and installation. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will take care of any issues that may arise. Our warranty is as solid as our history of ethical and reliable business practices since our founding in 1959.

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