Roger Furr


Roger, Head Finisher, joined Mill Cabinet Shop on October 31, 1977. Just as Harry Stover passed his talent and skill on to the following generations of the Stover family by teaching design and building, Roger benefitted by following family footsteps as well. Roger’s great-uncle R. B. Furr was the original finisher for the shop and when Roger joined the company, R.B. was happy to pass on his technique and training.

Lee Stover, when reflecting on Roger’s time in the business, points out “The finishing room at a custom cabinet shop is the toughest position in the entire enterprise. How Roger has maintained his sanity all these years is remarkable. At the same time, he has become the best there is bar none.”

Roger says the most valuable lesson he’s learned since those early days in “don’t get in too much of a hurry.” Roger’s favorite finishes are rustic, worn finishes where he says “you can really apply yourself.” When Roger isn’t in the finishing room, he wants to be on Ocracoke in North Carolina, camping, reading and spending time with his grandkids.