High Quality Craftsmanship Produces Beautiful Custom Cabinetry.

Our team of craftsmen are highly experienced and skilled in custom woodworking. We take great pride in our craftsmen who work with passion and dedication to deliver quality products and services to our customers’ exact specifications. Each project is unique and as such requires dedicated attention and careful construction. Stop in to visit your cabinet construction and we will take you through the office onto the production floor where you can meet your craftsman and see the progress on your project.

hand painted cabinetry for your next project
we build our cabinetry to your specifications

Attention To Detail Provides Furniture-Finish Cabinetry.

We consider each project an opportunity to do our best work. Since 1959, the craftsmen at Mill Cabinet Shop have discovered what makes the unique blend of artistry and functionality work for our custom cabinetry. Every drawer we make has a dovetail design and all-wood construction for maximum strength and durability. We use domestic hardwoods to construct solid wood cabinetry and furniture. Our cabinets are finished the same, inside and out. We offer custom-matched finishes to customer specifications so you get exactly the look you want.

We Use Domestic Hardwoods To Hand-Make Each Component In Our Bridgewater, Virginia, Production Shop.

From the start, we have manufactured our products on site in our Bridgewater, Virginia, production shop. We don’t use pre-made parts or components. We have a passion for crafting each component to get the ideal fit, style, and function. We use hand tools to finish each project as perfectly as possible. From custom kitchen and bath cabinetry to custom woodwork projects that you bring to us, we go the extra mile to produce high-quality products that are durable, beautiful and functional.

Our Woodwork Lasts Across Generations.

When we set out to build furniture-quality cabinets, we started building pieces to last for generations. Our craftsmanship speaks for itself. Take a look at our gallery.

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