Cabinet Finishes Paint, Stain, Glaze, Wear, Distress, or All of Them. Amazing Finishes!

We do a lot of different finishes here at Mill Cabinet Shop. We often stain, paint, and glaze, but we also distress and wear cabinets to give them a unique and distinctive look.

This series of pictures is from a job we did in August of 2013. It has one of the most complex finishes we do here applied to it. The wood of these cabinets is rustic hickory, and it has knots and imperfections throughout.

The wood is first “worn” in spots on its edges and face, using a sander in places we would normally see wear on the wood. This gives it a well-loved look. It is then stained a dark color, sealed, and sanded. The wood is then painted with the color the client had chosen, and worn again to reveal the darker stain under the paint. A glaze is applied to the surface and then wiped off. This leaves some behind to give it some contrast to specific areas. The final step is for all the pieces to get one or two clear coats of lacquer to protect this amazing finish.

Check out these pictures of the finished kitchen and bathroom. These pictures do not do it justice, but we hope you can appreciate the amount of work and love we put into each and every kitchen.

IMG_1283  IMG_1287  IMG_1276  IMG_1272    IMG_1308 IMG_1298    IMG_1299   IMG_1294   IMG_1295   IMG_1289    IMG_1292