Remodeling, Revitalizing, Updating, and New Construction. Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Storage Solutions. These are all things we do a lot of at Mill Cabinet Shop.

We here at Mill Cabinet Shop strive for excellence in all we do. We are a design to finish cabinet maker that does things the old school way. We only uses quality materials. When it comes to hardware or plywood, we seek out the best. We help you fine tune your dream of an updated space. That space could be a kitchen, bath, walk-in closet, office, den, or bar. We do custom high quality cabinets, and millwork.

We have the experience you need when it comes to your cabinet solutions. Mill Cabinet Shop has been here since 1954. That’s a lot of cabinets and a lot of happy customers. We have quite a number of people come to us again and again. They like what we did for them in one house they move or start up a new construction project and they give us a call. They know the quality they are going to get when they deal with Mill Cabinet Shop. Most People that are building a new home will have us do their kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, mudroom, bar, offices, and other built in storage solutions.

If you’re a contractor you are going to love us if you haven’t already found out how nice it is to have Mill Cabinet Shop on your team. We work directly with the client for the contractor to get them what they want. The contractor doesn’t have to keep track of what finish or color hardware the client wanted. We do that for them. This lets the contractor focus on other aspects of the project. We then do work with the contactor to figure out install schedules to make sure that we are not in the way, and that any cabinets are done and installed per the schedule.

There are too many options for me to list. This is because we make custom cabinets. None of our cabinets are in stock. We have only stock of raw materials for us to make what you want us to out of. We do have a showroom that can show some of what we are able to do. If you find a picture of something you like. Bring it to us we can do it. We are here to help you.

Come and contact us today you can email us though this sight. You can call 540-828-6763. Find us on Facebook. Link to us on LinkedIn. Or I guess if you really wanted to you could fax us at.


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